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  1. I could see either Stills or Darrin Moore being selected to 2nd team ahead of Stewart based on their TD totals. But Harper had 27 yds/gm less and 3 less TD’s than Stewart. I think he is the one that proved to be the greatest disjustice to Stewart.

  2. HI, am facing lots problems. I have installed symbian anna version 7.5. i have follow the steps to flash my phone but the custom version is the same. plz help me i want to get back the original firmware

  3. Lots of holes in that theory. Many of the points are not based on fact but imagination. Some of the stuff makes sense I’ll give you that. But we know for a fact the island is in 1954 at one point because Locke asked Richard. I’m not saying it’s wrong but there is a lot that is not based on fact.

  4. Emilia Brotons

    Buenas. Te escribo por aqu, que no tengo tu correo personal.

    Esta es la gente que te deca el otro da:

    Te hacen una web estupenda por 150.

    Diles que se pongan en contacto contigo.

    Un saludo,

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