Since I started selling artwork I use to deliver with my original products, documents where you get the authenticity of artwork. For me it’s really important to deliver both together, artwork and documents, not with the intention of certificate it , although it is, but as a final process of creation.

Personally I like to do this as a tiny celebration or ritual where I have the oportunity to say to buyer or collector, something like “hi, thanks to choose this artwork”.

I would like you enjoy with this creation. Let it down easy and keep the sensation of the moment you yook the decision to get this piece of art”.

Athenticity comes in format of Certificate of Authenticity or C.O.A. and have the mission of representing me letting you know how much of myself is with the artwork and the way we’ll share something from now on.

Most of times I have no oportunity  to personally deliver the artwork to buyer, collecotr or gallery(something I love to do) and the piece of paper with Certificate of Authenticity represents me in that moment. That’s all.

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Certificate of Autenthicity

I use to work with a C.O.A. structure where you’ll find the following information:

  • Name of Artwork.
  • Date of creation (at least, year and month)
  • Size( inches or cms.)
  • Type of product (original, reproduction…)
  • Format (wood, canvas, methacrylate…)
  • Product ID.
  • Date of C.O.A.
  • Original signature of artist.
  • Partners’ stamp/s.

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